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No Leaking Junior Swim Glasses with Anti-fog

Item No.: LG976
Feature:smaller size for kids&junior
Color: black,blue,pink,red or customize
Price: negotiable
Port:  Shenzhen,China

1. FOG FREE, CRYSTAL CLEAR VISION - These are coated with the LATEST ANTI FOG PROTECTION with specially designed, anti-shatter lenses that let you SEE CLEARLY at all times!

2.  WATERTIGHT – Our gaskets have a unique, cushioned design that creates a PERFECT SEAL around your eyes, ensuring NO WATER WILL TRICKLE IN. Held in place with FULLY ADJUSTABLE STRAPS (minimum circumference of 14.5 inches / 37.5cm and maximum circumference of 25 inches / 62.5cm), every child and adult will remain DRY EYED!

3. A NEW LEVEL OF COMFORT – Our SOFT SILICONE GASKETS GENTLY CUSHION YOUR EYES, leaving no red marks or discomfort, our NOSE PIECE FLEXES to fit your face perfectly and our QUICK RELEASE CLASP at the back means wet hair will never get tangled again

Maintenance Tips And Note 
- Before use, please soak the inside and outside lens totally with fresh water.
- Please never touch the inner surfaces of the lenses by hand or other hard materials, Maybe you will broke the antifogging coating in a short period of time.
- After use, please clean the goggles with clear water and keep it in a shady and cool place letting them naturally air-dried.
- Please do some warm-up before swimming to help strengthen your muscles, which will prevent you from strain.
- After swimming, please rinse your eyes, ears, nose, mouth and your body with fresh water in time, then relax yourself.
- You are suggested not to swim under the sun for a long time, Appropriate swimming time is best for your body