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High quality tempered glass diving mask with snorkel


Diving Mask:
1. Easy adjustable strap, it is convenient to make the mask shape your face and head properly.
2. Tempered glass lenses in high density and UV-protection can resist impact, make you enjoy your diving more safe and more freely.
3. Watertight lens for crystal clear vision, the wide-view mask provide you outstanding visibility under water, the large capacity drain pipe makes it easy for water clearing .
4. The best material and fine workmanship, excellent water-proof performance, greatly help you enjoy yourself under water.

Scuba Diving Snorkel:
1. Flexible tube - More comfortable than a classic snorkel with a single piece of hard tube.
2. Comfortable mouthpiece - Angled mouthpiece made of food-grade silicone, easy to breath and blow the air.
3. Splash guard - Prevents splashed water and spray from easily entering the tube.
4. Anatomic structure - Made of high qulaity material for long-lasting usage.
5. Purge Valve - Clear water from the tube, instead of having to blow it all out the top.

Floating ball:
Its dry top has a floationg design that closes the openting while the snorkel submerges under the water, and it re-opens after the snorkel comes back to the surface.