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Anti-fog scuba diving mask with Gopro Mount

Item No.: LM1800
Feature: antifog,gopro mount,optical
Color: black,blue,pink or customize
Price: negotiable
Port:  Shenzhen,China

1. Anti-fog: Diving glasses inside the lens with the latest environmentally friendly anti-fog spray, enhanced diving mask anti-fog ability, no chemical effect on the human body.The Swim mask’s lens are made of tempered glass that is high high-density, impact-resistant and anti-fog. No worries that it would fog up in water.
2. Leak-proof: Scuba Diving Mask using a high-level silicone material, combined with the shape of the human body design to ensure that the dive mask and face fit to prevent leakage
3. Resilient tempered glass: Diving mask can Anti-scratch, anti-cracking, can be a good resistance to deep water pressure, HD Wideangle lenses can fully see the sea of marine life and scenery, people closer contact with the ocean.
4. Stylish Shape and Comfortable: Swim Mask stylish shape design, to bring you high-end fashion style, let you stand out. Adjustable head strap length and soft silicone frame to the swimming enthusiasts to provide maximum comfort, will not hurt the swimming lovers of the nose, it will not leave traces in the face。

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