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Adult silicone snorkeling mask set with open heel fins


Scuba Diving Mask:
1. This is the ideal addition to your collection of swim gear essentials, providing an extraordinary close-up filed of view for all your underwater endeavors. Whether you’re a professional diver, a novice swimmer, adventurous underwater, you’ll enjoy the goggles’ lightweight, low-profile design, secure fit, and unmatched comfort. Quickly adjust the strap, dive in, and explore the waters with amazing ease and clarity
2. In addition to the relatively low profile mask, one noteworthy feature is the soft, flexible skirt that ‘molds’ to the face for a secure but comfy fit. The 100% silicone material’s suction action creates an effective seal without tightness or restriction.
3. The mask’s double lens design provides a closer view for thrilling pool or ocean adventure. Treated for fog-resistance, the glass lenses offer unobstructed and crystal-clear vision for up-and-down, side-to-side, and complete peripheral sight.


1. Open heel foot pocket for bare foot, diving sock or diving shoes, wide compatibility for different swimming and diving sports.
2. Durable material for long-lasting TPE, PC and TPR compound. Angled blade with good flexibility and unparalleled performance.
3. Soft, comfortable foot pocket with adjustable strap for cramp-free, smooth kicking, helps to maintain good kicking motion and less fatigue
4. Optimized dual channel and anatomic blade for powerful propulsion, increase the efficiency and less water resistance.

Diving Snorkel:
1. Single orifice discharge valve, manufacturing strictly, excellent waterproof performance, even water inflow into the valve, can also be quicky drain away and also can eliminate fine sand.
2. Dry breathing tube, which usually higher than the wave's height that avoid water pours into the tube.
3. Automatic pipe buckle(rotatable), convenient to connect with goggles, PVC material is durable and not easy to damage.
4. Silicone mouth piece, use high quality material, food-grade, healthy and environmental protection, give you the most comfortable bite angle.