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Top Ten Diving Resort

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Update time : 2018-02-05 16:01:10
Top Ten Diving Resort
There is an unknown world under the vast blue sea. We are going to introduce some famous diving resort for you.
  • Similan Islands, Thailand
Sea area: Indian Ocean
Famous diving place: Hin Pousar

Similan Islands is located in northwestern Phuket, composed of nine islands. It is a world-class top ten diving paradise, but also the island protected attentively by the Thai government, only from November each year to the end of April next year to allow the island. Similan Islands presents the original, simple beauty of nature, ultra-clear water, sea coral, and various kinds of fishes. It is the best place to watch whale sharks in the world, with whale sharks almost anywhere from October to May.
  • Sipadan Island, Malaysia
Sea area: Pacific Ocean
Famous diving place: South Point

Sipandan Island is a world-class diving resort. In 1978 the World Wildlife Fund confirmed the island has the most beautiful coral in the world. Large marine life whale shark, the devil fish visit from time to time, each diver can see no less than twenty kinds of turtles. After the shoal is vertically down 600 to 700 meters deep blue deep sea, which is the world's top cliff diving.
  • Great Big Hole
Sea area: Caribbean Sea
Famous diving place: Blue Hole

Blue Hole is considered the deepest ancient cave in the world and is a Unesco World Heritage Site. It is located about 100 km west of Belize, on the Caribbean coast of Central America. Looking down from above, the big blue hole looks like a pupil-like bright.
  • Great Barrier Reef
Sea area: Pacific Ocean
Famous diving place: Cod Hole

The Great Barrier Reef in the Coral Sea in northeastern Australia is the largest group of coral reefs in the world, stretching more than 2,000 kilometers. There are not only the largest coral reefs and coral islands in the world, but also more than 400 species of marine molluscs and 1,500 species of fish.
  • Palau
Sea area: Pacific Ocean
Famous diving place: Blue Corner

Located about 800 km east of the Philippines, Palau is an archipelago of the westernmost tip of the Micronesian island group. It is made up of 340 islands of various sizes and is recognized by world-renowned oceanographers, divers, and underwater photographers Jointly push the world's seven wonders of the most underwater.
  • Ko Tao
Sea area: Pacific Ocean
Famous diving place: Southwest Pinnacle

Koh Tao is Thailand's most famous dive site, located 65 km north-west of Koh Samui in the depths of the Gulf of Thailand, only the island there are 28 suitable diving waters, and 8 km long coral reefs.
  • Hawaii
Sea area: Pacific Ocean
Famous diving place: Hanauma Bay

  • Maldives
Sea area: Indian Ocean
Famous diving plce: Iankan Manta Point

Maldives is located in the world's most densely populated exchange of fish, the type and quantity of fish rich with the Great Barrier Reef comparable. From the flamingos to turtles and sharks, each island is surrounded by white sandy beaches, some of which are the best sandy beaches on Earth, beyond a dark blue.
  • Truk Lagoon
Sea area: Pacific Ocean
Famous diving place: Shipwreck area

Here is the world's most spectacular wreck diving wreck destination. Diving here is a thrilling but absolutely exciting underwater adventure.
  • Saipan
Sea area: Pacific Ocean
Famous diving place: Eagle Ray City

Saipan, United States Northern Mariana Islands The largest island in the Free State. Saipan is a coral island, with lagoons along the west coast, mountains extending north-south. The island is full of sunshine, fresh air, excellent water quality, is a paradise for holiday travel.