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Google Street View Map: 3D Great Barrier Reef!

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Update time : 2018-02-05 16:33:42
Google Street View Map: 3D Great Barrier Reef!
Google recently introduced a cool feature that adds an underwater panoramic view of Street View services to bring users a virtual dive experience. Users can follow Google Map and enjoy bizarre views of the beautiful underwater world from the Great Barrier Reef, the Philippines and Hawaii.
From Google Street View Map
Google and The Caltlin Seaview Survey cooperated to launch the service with professional underwater camera SVII, priced at $ 50,000 each.

Great Barrier Reef, from Google
The project is still in its beginning and the area where we can explore is still relatively limited. Google will continue to improve this service in the future.

Malaysia Tedau Bay, from Google
Below is the link: